InvisiBeatz – the best and most affordable wireless earbuds. 

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InvisiBeatz’s new wireless earbuds promise plenty of performance and value but at a price anyone can afford. We see if the InvisiBeatz deliver.

Our verdict

InvisiBeatz has proven once again that you don’t have to spend silly money to get a great product. The pods are good sounding buds that tuck neatly into your ears and avoid the silly dangling appearance of other, more expensive offerings.

Everything about them is simple, including paring, controls, and the general design. The lack of volume buttons and minimal waterproofing are minor complaints, but the overall package is very impressive, especially when you consider the price.


InvisiBeatz – what we loved about them

Wireless earbuds are incredibly useful as they allow you to listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts and other content without having a lead dangling out of your ears that can get caught on your jacket or passing cyclists.

With this in mind, the producers released the InvisiBeatz, which offer plenty of promise but at a way lower price. We put them to the test to see whether or not they are music to our ears.

For more information please visit InvisiBeatz official website.

Design and build

Considering the budget nature of the pods, initial impressions are very good thanks to the classy pill-box case that protects and recharges the earbuds when not in use. Opening the hinged lid allows access to the buds, which are held in place by small magnets.

Controls are kept to a bare minimum, with both buds having solitary buttons housed in the top of the chassis. This makes the InvisiBeatz easy to find and press (as they are the whole outer section) but doing so does push the buds deeper into your ear. Each bud also has an LED under the surface too, which display red when charging and flash white when ready to pair.

As you’d expect at this price, the pods are made from plastic. The good side of this is that they are lightweight, while the downside is that they do feel a bit hollow and cheap, plus there’s little waterproofing, with an IPX4 rating only covering splashing rather than immersion. But we’re nit-picking a bit here as the general build and experience when in-use is impressive at this price.

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Sound Quality and Features

Thanks to the in-ear nature of the design, we were pleased with the bass response and wider range of frequencies on offer. You do have to make sure that the buds are firmly in your ear though, as on occasion they would loosen slightly, resulting in a significant drop-off of low-end tones. The buds do come with three sizes of ear caps and changing them for a larger one seemed to solve this minor gripe.

Pairing was straightforward, thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 technology inside the buds, with all of our devices recognising the pods without issue and connecting in a few seconds. For the most part this was also true when returning to a previously paired device, as the pods automatically reconnect when they are removed from the charging case.
Microphones in each bud allow you to make and receive calls while wearing them. In our tests the person at the other end of the line reported that the audio was a little like we were in a big room, but otherwise clear and easy to understand.

We managed to get around four and a half hours of listening time out of a single charge and returning them to the charging case saw a full replenishment in around an hour. The case itself takes a couple of hours to get up to maximum power, but after that it can recharge the buds up to three times before needing some juice for itself.

For more information please visit InvisiBeatz official website.


What we didn’t love

As far as the cons go, besides the cheap feel mentioned earlier, the negative sides can be extended to every type of earbud, no matter what the price or producers. The gained freedom of movement makes us sacrifice some of the reliability. Even though companies are making huge efforts when it comes to stable connectivity, there remains a long way to go.

If you need a guaranteed stable, wireless connection, standard wireless earbuds are likely a better choice.


InvisiBeatz offer great performance and aesthetics at a fantastic price point. Sound quality is good, connectivity was mainly pain-free, and the four-plus hours of use per-charge means they can accompany you on your daily commute, gym session, or even long-haul flight.