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69.99 USD/UNIT

To make an informed purchase decision you must first have access to updated and correct information regarding the product. That’s where we step in! Our mission is to test, review and share correct information so that YOU can benefit from unbiased, 100% honest opinions. With this in mind, we put our hands on the newest earbuds, iHeadphones and created this buying guide that exposes all the necessary information you need. Get ready to gain access to the wireless earbuds everyone’s talking about right now and step into the future: iHeadphones!

Our final verdict


iHeadphones offer impressive performance packed in a beautiful, modern and futuristic design. If for other models no other colors are available, iHeadphones wins valuable points as it comes in 6 beautiful colors.

The sleek, stylish and fun earbuds deliver crystal clear sounds, easily connect to any Android or iOS device and feature a powerful battery that allows up to 72 hours of standby time. However, we strongly believe that what makes iHeadphones unbeatable is the super high value: the amazingly low price comes with the latest technology, assuring the best price-value equilibrium you’ll see online for any other similar products.

If you’re looking for a pair of highly performant wireless earbuds packed with the latest technology, futuristic design and pay a fair amount of money look no further as IHeadphones BlueTooth airpods are exactly what you need.

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What we loved about them most

When searching for a pair of earbuds, what interested us most was the sound quality and charging time. Users usually seek a pair of wireless earpods that offer crystal clear sound and that charge fast so they don’t have to spend a lot of time waiting. Both aspects are covered by the latest IHeadphones wireless earpods! They charge in only 15 minutes and deliver 8 hours of listening time and up to 72 hours of standby time.

Another important aspect that we were keen to find is the super high value. IHeadphones, when compared to other models, come at a stunningly low price but without compromising the quality of sound or of the materials used. Simply put, you pay very little money for a qualitative product that puts the more expensive and famous Airpods straight to the corner.

iHeadphones feature Bluetooth 5.0 which allows easy pairing to any Bluetooth enabled device: from smartphones to tablets, laptops and even smart tv’s.

We loved everything about iHeadphones: from the comfortable fit inside the ear, to the quality of the sound and futuristic design, packed with the correct price.

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When purchasing iHeadphones you receive more than a pair of wireless earbuds. You gain access to a world of endless possibilities. You gain the ability to transform every minute of the day in a minute of happiness and you gain the power to turn boring chores into fun activities that take place with your favorite music on at amazing sound quality.

iHeadphones offer amazing comfort and were specifically designed to fit perfectly inside your ear, regardless of the shape of your ear. They have been tested on more than 100 persons to make sure they all feel the same level of comfort, meaning that you will, too. Remember that numb feeling you used to get after wearing headphones for too long? With iHeadphones that unpleasant feeling no longer exists.  

Moreover, you don’t need to worry about losing them. The ergonomic shape of the earbuds allows you to maintain your activities, no matter how active at the highest possible level. Whether you’re running, doing yoga, cleaning the house or even staying upside down, the iHeadphones earbuds won’t fall.


For more information, 
visit the official iHeadphones website

Super high quality, amazing crystal-clear sound, long lasting period and futuristic, modern design at just a fraction of the price of other products. iHeadphones seamlessly integrate the latest technology within sleek, modern design offered at an amazingly low price, proof that quality can be accessed by anyone, regardless of the level of income.  

Your favorite songs will be transformed into pieces of audio jewels, with remarkable bass and clear vocals; everything within a small, compact case that measures 5.4cm long and 4.5cm wide. Moreover, the 8mm speaker unit and light composite diaphragm offer thicker base and more vibrant treble, as well as double noise reduction design to filter ambient sound. 

US and UK residents receive their order within 3 days, backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. 

Can iHeadphones be improved?

As you may already know, everything has room for improvement, and it’s the same with iHeadphones. We’ve noticed that the connectivity is not always as stable as we would have wanted it to be. There were times when the sound would glitch for a fraction of a second, then soon come back to normal. We can’t know for sure if this was an issue of built or had to do something with the area we were in, with the signal from our provider or with the product itself, but we can say that we felt the need of a more stable connectivity at times.


69.99 USD/UNIT


60 degree fit for maximum comfort
More than 8 hours of playing time
Double noise reduction to filter the ambient sound
Amazing price-value equilibrium
Fast shipping in the US and UK
Compatible with both iOS and Android devices
Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity
Futuristic design with 6 available colors


Can only be ordered online
No free trial available
Connectivity could be improved