Discover the Best-Selling Wireless Earbuds in 2020 and Top 5 Most Loved Models

The ultimate behind the scenes guide with valuable information exposed regarding the top 5 Bluetooth earbuds in 2020!

Bonus: the number 1 choice in the United States and best alternative for the more expensive leading brands, with an incredible price-value equilibrium!


Baseustec XY5

  • Battery capacity: 400mAh
  • Standby time: up to 120 hours
  • Continuous working time: 3-4 hours
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Binaural separation design
  • Magnetic contact charging


  • Hi-fi stereo sound quality
  • One step pairing
  • IPX8 waterproof
  • Charge on-the-go
  • 4 hours playtime


  • Highly touted IPX5 rating
  • Multi-function Button
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Quick pairing
  • Play time up to 4 hrs
  • Up to 10 hrs with charging case


  • 3D Sound Effect & Binaural Stereo Effect
  • IP68 Waterproof
  • 30 hours working time in total
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Weight: 4.7g
  • Transmission distance: 10m


The best, most affordable and highly qualitative wireless earbuds in 2020

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Currently on sale in the United States

We thrive to review and provide correct and unbiased information about the products that are currently trending and appreciated by users worldwide so that you are not blinded by sneaky marketing strategies. Centered on the price-value equilibrium, materials used, technology and comfort, the information we provide will help you make the best decision. We’re glad to be able to present you America’s top choice of earbuds, the pair that puts the more famous AirPods in the shadow: GoAudio. Get ready to learn more about the features and specifications of the latest earbuds: incredible performance at a fraction of the price. 


Our verdict

Any music and technology enthusiast should own a pair of GoAudio: they are not only extremely comfortable to wear, but also feature top-notch technology and offer probably the best price-value equilibrium. When compared to the more expensive models, we noticed that the resemblance between them is shocking, but not in terms of price. The more leading brands offer a similar product but priced with up to 75% more! GoAudio offer crystal clear sound, six hot colours to chose from, easy connectivity and a battery life of up to 6 hours of continuous play time and up to 72 hours of standby time. 

Stylish and fun, GoAudio offer increased level of comfort and fit perfectly inside the ear. Tested on over 100 individuals, the final product that you can now easily purchase is designed to impress while keeping you on a budget. They are proof that top notch technology does not have to come at an absurd price. 

If you’re looking for a pair of earbuds that you can count on, look no further, as GoAudio is the only pair you need. 


For more information, visit the official GoAudio website

Key features we loved 

In our opinion, a pair of wireless earbuds must be affordable but deliver top-notch performance. Long battery life, a comfort fit and easy charging are just a few of the specs we were looking for and we found all of them and so much more with GoAudio. 

Another important aspect when it comes to wireless earpods is connectivity. GoAudio easily connect to any Android or iOS device in a matter of seconds through Bluetooh 5.0: from smartphones to tablets, laptops and even smart tv’s. This level of connectivity will give you access to endless sounds, your favourite movies and series and easy phone calls with your loved ones. 


GoAudio also come with a 8mm speaker unit and light and elastic composite diaphragm for thicker base and more vibrant treble, adding value to the already amazing sound. 

Last but not least, we loved the feeling we got from wearing this pair of earbuds. They are stylish, have a futuristic design and offer a feeling of self-confidence. Even more, you can forget about the never-ending untangling of the wires battle, as GoAudio are wireless. You don’t have to worry about losing them, as they truly fit perfectly inside the ear without even moving. 

Purchasing GoAudio will offer you so much more than a pair of earbuds; it will grant you access to a new way of enjoying every single day. Moreover, they are the gadget that is capable to turn boring chores into fun activities, as your favourite sounds will always be there with you, with no wires to tangle in and no inconvenience. 

For more information, visit the official GoAudio website

Moreover, the GoAudio can also come in handy when doing sports; they can be the extra motivation you need to keep exercising in a more fun and pleasant way. Find a playlist that boosts your mood, place GoAudio inside your ears and you’re ready to go. Running and exercising can now be done in a futuristic and fun way. 

Even more, the case measures only 5.4cm long x 4.5cm wide, meaning that you can easily carry them wherever you go inside your pocket, backpack or purse. Don’t worry about losing the airpods, as they feature a magnetic system that keeps them in place inside the case. 

Innovative and insanely affordable, GoAudio offer and amazing user experience at a fraction of the price of more famous brands. 


For more information, visit the official GoAudio website


Jaw-dropping quality of sound, instant connectivity and kickass design, the GoAudio impress in every single way. Just arrived on the market, these wireless earbuds have already conquered the hearts of music and gadgets lovers in the United States. The decision factors? The amazingly low price and full pack of specifications. 

Every sound and every phone call will be taken to the next level of sound quality and comfort. No more numbness after long hours of wearing regular headphones, no more untangling wires and uncomfortable fit. 

Individuals from the United States receive their order in just 3 days, backed with a 30-day money back guarantee. 

What we didn’t love 

As with anything, there is also room for improvement. Even though GoAudio feature top-notch technology, amazing design and easy connectivity at a fraction of the price of other more famous brands, we felt the need at some point of a better, more stable connectivity. We can’t say for sure if the one second disruption in sound was caused by the location we were in, the signal, our devices or other factors, but this area could be improved. 


  • Glass shuttering, crystal clear sound
  • Amazing price-value equilibrium; great price for the value you get
  • Fast shipping in the United States
  • Compatible with all devices, iOS and Android
  • 2 colours available
  • Double noise reduction to filter ambient sound


  • No demo store, can only be ordered online
  • Connectivity could be better



  • Portable & Waterproof Mini Bluetooth Speaker
  • Powerful 3 Watt Speaker
  • Stream Incredible Stereo Sound With Full Range Output
  • Strong Suction Cups For Shower Mounting
  • Instant Pairing With A Strong Connection Up To 33′