Blaux In Home Review 2020: Everything you must know

OUR RATING: 4.7 / 5


Without a doubt, making sure we live in a safe, healthy environment is essential. While there is not much we can do about the air we breathe outside, there is a lot we can do about the air we breathe inside our homes.

Not so much fun fact: the air we breathe outdoors can actually be healthier than the one we breathe inside our own homes! Why? First of all, our houses are closed spaces. Even with all windows open, the air can’t circulate that efficient as it does outside. Second of all, the quantity of air inside our homes is smaller than outdoors, which means that even a puff of spray can significantly damage the air quality inside our homes.

We do a lot of things inside our houses: we use chemicals to clean and sanitize it, we use perfume and hair spray, we use a lot of personal hygiene products, we cook, many of us have pets and the list can continue. You may not notice but every single action produces microscopic particles that we breathe and that are damaging our health on the long run.

What can you do about it? Follow our lead and discover everything there is to know about a small yet tremendously efficient product that aims to purify and ionize the air inside your home: Blaux in Home.


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Blaux in Home Review:
About features and specifications

It may seem small, but Blaux in Home is a complex and necessary product (at least in our opinion) that can significantly improve the quality of your life by helping you eliminate dust particles, bacteria and all other pathogens from the air you breathe at home.

Blaux in Home Review: About features and specifications

Here are the features and specifications that make Blaux in home stand out from its competitors: 

  • It has a charcoal filter that purifies the air and captures dust particles
  • Triple action: acts as an air filter, ionizer and deodorizer
  • Cleans and scrubs the air
  • Features 3 fan speeds for maximum control
  • Night light at base
  • Small, convenient and easy to install

As you can already tell, Blaux in home is so much much than simply an air purifier. To put it in short, it wishes to provide you “spring morning” freshness all day long. 

Blaux in Home Review:
What are the more technical facts? 

To get a little bit more technical and add some extra useful information about this amazing product that we consider to be a must have for everyone, let’s dig in some more information about Blaux in home:

  • This air purifier provides constant circulation of air, which means that the entire air in your home will be purified
  • It cleans, ionizes and freshens up the air
  • It does not contain harmful ozone
  • It removes floating particles such as dust
  • It uses activated natural charcoal

For more information, visit the official Blaux in Home website

Blaux in Home Review:
What are the advantages?


If you’ve reached this far then you already know the advantages of this amazing product. Whether you need it for your home, your office and your holiday home, Blaux in home will make sure that you breathe clean air wherever you go. 

Due to the fact that it provides constant air circulation, you won’t have to worry about any damaging particles inside your home. Blaux in Home aims to remove viruses, bacteria, dust and other harmful particles through the activated natural charcoal inside. A powerful natural material that purifies the air so that you can breathe clean air. 

If you have difficulties breathing you may find that Blaux in Home helps. You may notice that you can breathe better, easier, or that you no longer get as dizzy as you used to. 

Blaux in Home Review:
How does it work? 

This air purifier offers three fan speed settings and features a night light base. It uses activated natural charcoal to catch and eliminate dust particles and other pathogens from the air, leaving the air you breathe clean and sanitized. 

Inside the box you will find the product and instructions to follow in order to set it up. However, we highly doubt you’ll need them as all you need to do is plug the unit into a wall outlet and choose a fan speed. Blaux in Home will immediately start doing its job! 


For more information, visit the official Blaux in Home website

Blaux in Home Review:
What’s all the fuss about? 

In recent years, people have started to be more and more aware of their health. Individuals like you started realizing that health is no joke and we must protect it no matter what. We can do everything we want in this life as long as we are healthy. If we are not, then everything is put on pause until we get better. 

With this in mind, individuals started looking for solutions to improve their lives, including solutions regarding air quality inside their homes. The topic became more and more influent and Blaux in Home appeared as the market strongly demanded it. Manufacturers researched and created a product that uses activated natural charcoal to purify the air. 

Because Blaux in Home is so much more affordable than other similar products and delivers such great results, people developed high appreciation and started recommending Blaux in Home to their friends and family. And now you are here! 


Blaux in Home Review:
Is it safe?

Numerous individuals have asked this question and we are here to answer: yes, Blaux in Home is safe for you and your family. The product does not use any sort of chemicals and does not send anything back into the room other than the purified air. It uses 100% natural activated charcoal and serves one purpose only: it takes in the air inside your room, purifies it and blows it bag clean and purified. 

Blaux in Home Review:
Where can I order?

If you’re looking for an amazing cost-value equilibrium and an air purifier that you can count on, Blaux in Home is what you need. Manufacturers are currently offering massive discounts on their official website as follows: 

  • Most popular choice: Buy 3 Blaux in Home for $157.48 (used to be $323.03)
  • Most efficient package: Buy 4 Blaux in Home for $192.47 (used to be $430.71)
  • Buy 2 Blaux in Home for $139.98 (used to be $215.35)
  • Buy 1 Blaux in Home for $69.99 (used to be $107.68)

For more information, visit the official Blaux in Home website