Black Pods 2.0 and Black Pods Pro:
Best Earbuds in 2020?

The time for untangling headphones wires has now come to an end. Listening to music, talking to friends and even getting directions with just one tap is now more accessible and affordable than ever.

We can all remember the launch of the famous Apple AirPods. We all fell in love with them, but most of us had something to say about the price. Not all people are able to pay over $120 for a pair of earbuds, so alternatives had to come up. And they did. And they are AMAZING!

We’ve done our homework and researched as much as we could to come up with an alternative that is not only cheaper (there are plenty of those on the market) but also deliver the quality that we all need: great materials, great connectivity, easy setup, long battery life, compact design and, of course, stunning sound quality.

We found all of that in two price ranges: $49 and $89. Keep reading to learn more about the quality you can get for these prices!

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Black Pods 2.0 Review:
One tap setup for instant access to sounds

The first thing that made us fall in love with Black Pods 2.0 is how easily they connect to any Bluetooth Device. Whether you own an Android or iOS device, with just one tap the Black Pods 2.0 will automatically connect and be ready to go.

Even more, they stay connected on the long run. This means that you can take them off and put them back on without setting anything up again. They will automatically turn on and be ready to play your favorite sounds or conversation with your friends or family.

Another great feature is that with just one tap you can change the song, make a call, or even get directions. Tap one pod to summon your voice assistant and enjoy a seamless experience. Since we’re here, these are some of the features you get for only $49:

Name change feature
Hey Siri/Double tap feature
Wireless charging case
Compatible for wireless charging
Universal compatibility with any Bluetooth device

These new earbuds offer everything you need in a pair of wireless headphones at an affordable price.

In terms of design, we can easily say that Black Pods 2.0 are a total win: the new smooth matte black finish offers a high-end visual experience, as well as a very pleasant tactile feeling.

Let’s not forget about the battery life, which is a very important aspect. Black Pods 2.0 deliver 3 hours of listening and talk time. Moreover, they have been specifically created to keep up with you regardless of where you are. The charging case holds multiple charges so simply place the earbuds back into the case to charge them on the go. The charging case takes only 90 minutes to fully charges and offers multiple charges for the earbuds! 



$49   $199 



$89   $249 

What you will find inside the box: the charging case, the wireless earbuds and an USB cable.

Ergonomically design to securely stay inside the ear, these wireless earbuds not only look futuristic, but also deliver crystal clear quality of sound and an amazing sound experience that anyone can afford.

Black Pods Pro Review: The next level of sound, design and comfort

Similar to the Black Pods 2.0, the Black Pods Pro easily connect to any Android or Apple device within a few seconds. Moreover, they sense when they’re in your ears and pause as soon as you take them out.

For more information,
visit the official Black Pods Website

Features include: 

Name change feature
Hey Siri/Double tap feature
Wireless charging case
Compatible for wireless charging
Water Resistant
Noise cancellation feature

The main and most important differences between the Black Pods 2.0 and Black Pods Pro are the following: 


Black Pods Pro feature a more comfortable and ergonomic design: the silicon bud that is attached comfortably and securely fits inside the ear


Improved noise cancellation system: Black Pods Pro deliver better performance when it comes to keeping the outside world silent while talking or listening to music


Black Pods Pro are water resistant, while the Black Pods 2.0 are not

Even the most demanding music lovers will be amazed by the quality of sound that Black Pods Pro deliver. Moreover, you can enjoy up to 3 hours of uninterrupted music or phone conversations with just one charge. Besides, the charging case lasts 3 to 5 charge cycles, allowing you to use your earbuds for days.

Until now, the Black Pods Pro are the most affordable, high-quality pods on the market and definitely worth every cent.


Both pairs, Black Pods 2.0 and Black Pods Pro come in two colors: Matte Black and Glossy White. While the white version looks more common, the matte black offers a high-end visual experience and feels completely different when it comes to texture and overall aspect.

Both pairs are offer an amazing price-value equilibrium and will conquer the hearts of any music lover. Whether you’re going for a run, driving or simply relaxing in your bed at night, these earbuds will securely and comfortably fit inside your ear to deliver an immersive, intuitive and pleasant experience.

Compact and easy to carry, these wireless earbuds are a must-have for any technology monger, but also for those who simply enjoy listening to music in the most comfortable way possible. (1)

For more information, visit the official Black Pods Website