AirJoi Versus Breathe Green Charcoal Bags: Which One Should You Choose?

Pollution, dust particles in our home, the bad smell that enters our homes sometimes and the smell from our sports equipment can be difficult to get rid of. Most people use spray odours to change the air in their home, but these contain chemicals and can actually be detrimental to our health.

There are also other options on the market such as air purifiers, but most of them can be quite expensive and do take a lot of space. However, we came across two products that we believe meet everyone’s needs: from those allergic to dust particles and different air spray scents to those who simply don’t have enough room in their home: the AirJoi and Breathe Green Charcoal Bags. The only question left to answer now is: which should you buy?

These activated charcoal deodorizing bags aim to easily clean the air inside your home by trapping, filtering and even absorbing the moisture from the air. Therefore, they aim to reduce mold and mildew formations and other pollutants known to trigger allergies and negatively affect individual’s health. All we need to figure out now is which one are more cost-effective and deliver better results: AirJoi or Breathe Green?


AirJoi Charcoal Bags vs. Breathe Green:
Performance against pollution and unpleasant odors

The air we breathe inside our homes can be even more polluted than the air from outside. It may be hard to believe but it is true. That’s because of all the chemicals we use when cleaning the house, the carbon dioxide resulted when we cook and even the different perfumes, deodorants and other perfumed products that we use on a daily basis. It is time to say goodbye to all of those and also reduce humidity levels with the power of activated bamboo charcoal. Both AirJoi Charcoal bags and Breathe Green are based on this natural ingredient, but it seems that Breathe Green purifying bags win an extra point here when compared to AirJoi.

Even though Breathe Green charcoal bags are based on the same ingredient as AirJoi, the formula seems to differ as Breathe Green charcoal bags tend to be more effective and provide faster results. Moreover, due to the concentration of activated charcoal, Breathe Green tend to last longer than AirJoi.

Thus, Breathe Green will provide the following benefits for an extended period of time:


They eliminate unwanted odours, pollutants, bacteria and allergens


They prevent the formation of mold/mildew


They keep food fresh by absorbing the moisture, bacteria and mold


They eliminate moisture from the air and help you keep shoes and gym bags dry and clean


For more information, visit the official Breathe Green website

It is time to dig in a little deeper and understand how the most important ingredient, considered to be the secret behind these bags work: the activated Bamboo charcoal. The process is simple and natural: as air passes through the pores of the charcoal, odour, allergens and bacteria particles are trapped on the surface.

Breathe Green Charcoal bags have been scientifically proven to reduce harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and chloroform gases emitted from items such as wall paint, carpeting, air fresheners, rubber, plastic and chemical cleaners.

Therefore, these air purifying bags are not only natural, but also safe to use. The Green charcoal bags contain no chemicals and no additives, making them safe even for pets and small children. Speaking of pets, these bags are also a great neutralizer for unwanted pet odours.


AirJoi Vs Breathe Green Charcoal Bags:
Which can help more?

There are numerous situations in which these purifying bags can improve your lifestyle. To name a few, think about your gym bag: it almost always smells bad, it has high humidity levels and it’s quite hard to clean without having to wash everything every single time.

Now, think about your fridge; it contains vegetables and other ingredients that can have a wet surface, therefore raising the humidity levels inside the fridge which can benefit the appearance of mold and make the food go bad faster.

Or, think about your car; it is not exactly a clean place and it’s not very easy to sanitize. You may be keeping a lot of things inside your trunk, and the air inside the car is not exactly purified. The United States is currently all about these charcoal bags and it is easy to see why!


Or, think about the garage, especially when it rains and humidity levels raise, but even on normal days! You keep a lot of things there, and most of them carry a lot of bacteria; therefore, the air is not purified either.

For all these situations and so much more, AirJoi and Breathe Green Charcoal bags can tremendously help. However, which should you choose? There is always one product that is better than the other, and in this case Breathe Green definitely steal the show. They are small yet powerful, can be carried around very easy and can be placed anywhere. Put one in your car, one your garage and one inside your home and you’ll benefit from cleaner air with no effort at all.

And it’s not only us talking about this amazing product, but also actual users who have ordered and tried these purifying bags. One user mentioned that the product is small and discrete, yet incredibly effective. She said that she has two dogs and that she bathes them often, which usually results in places smelling like wet dog. She was happy to discover that placing a bag in that specific room cleared out the smell. Overall, she was satisfied with her purchase. 

For more information, visit the official Breathe Green website

AirJoi vs. Breathe Green Charcoal Bags:
What’s the price?

Both AirJoi and Breathe Green purifying bags can be ordered online as both manufacturers made the ordering system very easy and accessible to everyone. In just a few steps, you can have your own set of purifying bags delivered to your house!

The shocking and interesting thing about the currently available offers is that both AirJoi and Breathe Green come at the same price, both with a 50% discount applied. However, it seems that users would rather order Breathe Green as it has proven the be more efficient and deliver faster, better results.

As previously mentioned, a 50% discount is currently available for the Breathe Green charcoal bags while the offers are as follows:

  • Breathe Green – Buy 5 Get 5 FREE – pay $99.95
  • Breathe Green – Buy 3 Get 2 FREE – pay $59.95
  • Get 1 Breathe Green Air Purifying Bag – pay $19.99
  • Breathe Green – Buy 8 Get 12 FREE – pay $159.95

Our verdict and recommendation:

We strongly advise you to place an order today and choose either the “buy 5 get 5 free offer” or the “buy 8 get 12 free offer” as these are the only two currently benefiting for free shipping. Moreover, you get more value for your money. Moreover, we encourage you to order the Breathe Green charcoal bags as they have been reported and trusted to deliver better results and in a shorter period of time. Plus, users mentioned that they offer a longer period of usage.


For more information, visit the official Breathe Green website

  • Breathe Green and AirJoi Charcoal Bags offer limited protection against bacteria and pollutants. For more protection, use more bags and consider getting an electric air purifier.